Jun 25, 2012

The Art of Home-made Espresso

Being home means homemade coffee. Always. I apologize in advance for a bit of profanity but screw Dallas and its absence of good, unique cafes. I'm definitely not a Starbucks-hater but when it becomes the only option I have for coffee in Plano, it gets old fast.

I guess my parents feel the same way. Without much hesitation, my dad purchased a pricey espresso machine from Germany for their 25th wedding anniversary, which's just around the corner. I spent all weekend gawking at the beautiful machine, begging my dad to instruct me in the art of espresso making, and drinking too much caffeine as a result which left me pretty much sleepless the entire weekend. But let me tell you something as a coffee lover - sipping on a perfectly brewed espresso early in the morning while having breakfast with the ones you love is something I cherish much more than going out at night to get drunk off of alcohol. I mean, I drink too, but drinking coffee means so much more to me than anything. Everyone has their preferences, and mine is sipping on espresso. A dark, aromatic and beautifully thick shot of espresso. Maybe sometimes with just the right amount of steamed milk. Sometimes with hot water, making it into my favorite drink of all time - americano. Point here is that I'm a coffee person.

So with that being said, you can just imagine how much it means to me to be able to make my own espresso. I just went up to a whole new level in my coffee obsession. After a few practices, I decided I must become a barista sooner or later - I mean I'm going to be that 70-year-old grandma running the cutest cafe in the world in the end anyway...

So here's a bit of what I've learned.

- Grinding the right kind of coffee, at the right kind of texture is very important. Can't be too fine or too coarse. After you dump the ground coffee onto the head, you tamp it with the tamper with about 30lbs of weight. Make sure it's got a even surface.

then you got to dispense some water to take out the heat...


Excuse the abstract latte art. We haven't perfected that area yet. But man, this latte was delicious.


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