Jun 29, 2012

How Gilmore Girls led me to think drinking an unreasonable amount of coffee is okay

'Gilmore Girls' used to be one of my favorite shows during high school (yes, now you can totally guess what kind of high schooler I used to be). I loved the show for its irresistibly amusing and unrelentingly speedy dialogues. Loved the sweet little small town concept where the two seemingly vulnerable mother and daughter find family outside of family. The random struggles with random men and its mockery of the old money of the Northeast. But most of all, I remember noticing that the main characters always sat in the town diner drinking coffee possibly multiple times a day. I mean, I'm sure the production sets are limited but one of the strong characteristics of Lorelai (the mom) was supposed to be that she's a huge coffee drinker. Coffee is absolutely necessary to both the mother and the daughter, it's also an important element in their socialization. 

So why am I talking about this show again? Well, ever since I've started watching the show everyday from around 2006 or so, my caffeine intake has slowly and steadily gone up to the level of a mild addiction. And I blame this show because I completely admired the main characters as a teenager aspiring to be a unique woman on her own. Like I said before, being able to drink black coffee symbolized entering the real adulthood. Being able to drink a lot of coffee meant my emotional attachment to this show. Oh how I love this show.


  1. i don't mean to pry, but i like your posts & i feel that we have many similar interests... have u heard this song?
    thought u might like it... :) tablo-coffee