Sep 25, 2012

Port of San Francisco

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend the ONA (Online News Association) Conference at Hyatt Regency in the financial district in San Francisco. I was there mainly for the job fair and the career summit, perhaps a little too blindly, but things turned out better than I had anticipated. 
But anyways, I decided against bringing my D90 this trip because I wanted to try something unconventional for myself - which's completely relying on my iPhone camera for the most part. I did bring one film camera - the FM10, but as the iPhone was obviously so much more convenient for me to bring around, I tried to maximize the use of this phone. 

One downside is though, that when you take all your photos with your phone, your phone WILL die in the middle of the day when you actually need it for navigation and GPS (or the original functions, like, you know, calling people).

Walking down the strip of eateries, cafes and different types of market (shroom shops and butcher shops! oh and biscuit shops too) made me really miss living in this type of environment, but I can wait. 

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