Oct 14, 2012

Life of My Little R2D2

I just spend an absurd amount of money at the only photo lab in Dallas that still processes 120 and 110 format films and b&w 35mm films this past weekend. It also agitated me very much that I had to drive about 40 minutes into downtown area where I was challenged with weird road situations and inconsistent traffic lights. Then the price of the whole service! Ah. The absurdity of it all makes me so sad. Film might not be dead, but it might as well slowly starve me with how much everything's costing me. 
But anyways, enough about my geeky life - here is more of my geekiness. Yes, I shoot my little R2D2 I got as a gift at the Lucas Film headquarters when I run out of models. These are digital, by the way. Oh the glorious f/1.4! This shoot was inspired by THIS.

 The very costly film photos from medium format & other cameras coming soon!

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