Oct 18, 2012

Online News Association Conference 2012

Let's do some time traveling. (Which we're going to have to do a lot with film posts)

Back in September, I packed up my bags and left for San Francisco to attend the Online News Association's San Francisco conference (aka #ONA12) with hopes and dreams of meeting great online journalists and maybe performing some magical networking. I think I ended up just having more fun than anything though, visiting Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, getting to know some cool people, and getting a private tour of the Industrial Light & Magic office of Lucas Film by dad's old friend who works there. I also got to spend some time with cousins that I see maybe once every 3-4 years, so that was nice. 

But back to my film prints! I made a pretty bold move, in my standards, by taking only the iPhone and a film camera - the Nikon FM10. Now, I've always had pretty good experiences with the FM10 if and only when I actually latch on the negatives right inside the camera. I remember those painful days as a sophomore in college when I'd cry about my time and money gone to waste because I got a blank film at the end of the development. Making sure the film is loaded correctly is very, very important for a film amateur like myself, especially because the FM10 is completely manual.

I knew San Francisco was going to be beautiful no matter what - but I fought off the temptation to bring on the DSLR and stuck with this old and dinky camera for some authentic shots of the bay area. Turns out it wasn't a bad idea at all.   

The following photos were taken at the #socjourn #wjchat Meet Up at Sens restaurant in Embarcadero.  

So. Remember when I said I met some cool people? I may not have had the chance to talk to people like Marks Luckie (Twitter / 10,000 words blog), or Kim Bui (co-founder of #wjchat) or all the other remarkable people who probably attended, but I unexpectedly befriended a Canadian journalist from a no-name town when she walked up to me asking a question that I can't recall now.

We became fast buddies and walked to the Port market to grab lunch together, sat outside with the ocean view and talked about life, photography, journalism, gluten-free foods, boyfriends, etc. That was a quite weird yet refreshing experience. We exchanged business cards, Twitter accounts then headed different directions.

Meet my friend Liz :) Hope we could meet again, someday! Also taken on the FM10, but with the Tri-X 400. 

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