Oct 9, 2012

Post-Shopping Craze

Ok first of all, let's talk about the weather in Texas this past weekend. With highs of 60s and lows in 50s, or sometimes a bit colder, the cold front came about in such a stealthy manner that I was pretty skeptical for awhile. I chose to stick with my shorts for the first day, then soon gave into changing my whole closet for the new season (meaning taking out my favorite blazers and scarves!). Yes, autumn comes in the middle of October for us. It's quite wonderful. But not to be a geek or anything (which I am pretty much 98% of the time), but the best part about this weekend was the overcast soft lighting all day long, which's really rare in Texas. 

My mother and I went on a shopping binge the past few days, but only one of the trips was successful. She bought the red shirt, cardigan, and jeans all from the Banana Republic Factory Store - and doesn't she look absolutely fantastic in them?!

Anyways, cheers to autumn. It's my favorite season.

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