Dec 26, 2012

Christmas? Inevitable (and wonderful) family time

How can you just stay at home when it's snowing outside on Christmas day after few weeks of a hot December? Well. To our (my family's) defense, it was too cold. And I wasn't sure if I had the most appropriate outfits ready for rolling around in the snow. Plus what we started as a half-joke in the morning to watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movie kind of turned into an actual serious day-long marathon, so there.
Instead, we snuggled ourselves in the house pigging out all day and watching movies and getting into hot debates about the trilogy during scone & coffee breaks.

Hi, sister. She'd kill me if she found out I put this photo on my blog! Muhahaha

My dad bakes amazing scones from scratch. Something I definitely have yet to do...

Isn't the Christmas tree bokeh just wonderful?

Everything was taken on the Nikon F4 with a cheap roll of Fuji 200. The F4 never fails in low light settings, and always surprises me with these weird colors (no post-processing done on these photos).

Will post more photos from this roll soon.

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