Nov 27, 2012

A Really Late Insta-sunday

Life has been peaceful lately. More order has been put into my life by yet another unexpected internship, which I'm really grateful for. These are the times I must take advantage of, these are the times I should learn to improve myself. It's been a quite humbling experience. These are the times I learn to appreciate my parents more. These are the times I finally learn how to put on make-up. These are the times I train myself to sleep before midnight and wake up before 9. These are the times I reevaluate everything in my life, from the way I sleep to what I eat, from what I waste most of my time with to what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

Anyways. I need to get a DSLR asap. 

Nov 21, 2012

Ever since I sold my DSLR...

It's been challenging not having a DSLR on me. But I guess iPhone serves more of the instant gratification, and also gives me better chances to be sneaky around random people. Photos above were taken at Hillside Farmacy in east Austin a few weeks ago. It's one of my favorite brunch places, next to the infamous Blue Dahlia's. 

All taken with the iPhone 4S.

Nov 12, 2012

#instasunday - 11/11

Another aggregation of my Instagram photos from this past 2 weeks @arielmin

Just got back from spending a week in Austin. Definitely home of some of the best memories.

Nov 3, 2012

Summer 2012

Adventures with precious friends during my last summer in Austin. These were taken with the Yashica Electro 35 GSN + Tri-X 400. (same roll as the one from Denver)