Dec 26, 2012

Christmas? Inevitable (and wonderful) family time

How can you just stay at home when it's snowing outside on Christmas day after few weeks of a hot December? Well. To our (my family's) defense, it was too cold. And I wasn't sure if I had the most appropriate outfits ready for rolling around in the snow. Plus what we started as a half-joke in the morning to watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movie kind of turned into an actual serious day-long marathon, so there.
Instead, we snuggled ourselves in the house pigging out all day and watching movies and getting into hot debates about the trilogy during scone & coffee breaks.

Hi, sister. She'd kill me if she found out I put this photo on my blog! Muhahaha

My dad bakes amazing scones from scratch. Something I definitely have yet to do...

Isn't the Christmas tree bokeh just wonderful?

Everything was taken on the Nikon F4 with a cheap roll of Fuji 200. The F4 never fails in low light settings, and always surprises me with these weird colors (no post-processing done on these photos).

Will post more photos from this roll soon.

Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Some more shots from Portra 400 + the lovely Yashica. Sorry for the sucky scanner quality.

But anyways - hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I'm gonna be in my sweats all day eating and baking and hanging out with the fam. There's also a chance we might have a white Christmas in Dallas! *Fingers crossed*

Dec 19, 2012

Portra 400 on Yashica Mat-G

So I finally got the chance to try out the 120 Portra 400's on my medium format, and I fell in love all over again with film and this camera. I tried to scan the prints as best as I could, but since they're not direct negative scans it was a little hard to keep them high resolution.

The top two images are from one of the brunches at Oddfellow's in Oak Cliff, and bottom two in Austin. Yay, brunches and coffee. Speaking of which, I need some right now after the tiring and intense trip to New York. More photos coming soon!

Dec 13, 2012

Dallas Arts District

So guess what? Dallas decided to be all artsy and innovative just in time for my return from the glorious Austin. There sits the Klyde Warren Park right on top of the Woodall Rogers Freeway, which divides downtown Dallas from Uptown. You can sort of picture a long park looking over the entire downtown filled with all sorts of futuristic features and fun things: free croquet rentals, badminton, foosball, ping pong tables, "reading rooms" with newspapers, magazines, books, etc, board game section, live concert stage, etc. You name it.

 Plus, they were putting up the Christmas tree! Yay.

 This project was a freelance assignment for The Texas Tribune for The New York Times.

Dec 9, 2012

Instasunday #3

Sunsets, lots of coffee, Texas Rodeo, downtown Dallas, photo adventures, and more sunsets. Have I mentioned that Texas sunsets are absolutely the best in the world?

And then - what pretty much sums up this past weekend. Brian came up to visit and all of us had a blast sitting through the most horrid traffic (whoever thought of the idea that 4 lanes should merge into ONE during construction on the highway is a genius. Good job, whoever.) and inventing fun games to play in the car to appreciate the traffic. Anywho, we got to explore Dallas and drink a lot of coffee, and at last watch some sexy cowboys do their thang at the Rodeo. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend.