Feb 10, 2013

The Foundation & Alice at Houndstooth

Here's some background story about Austin's now-infamous "Castle Hill": interestingly, there was barely any graffiti there back in 08 or 09ish when some native Austinites would take us out-of-towners there only at night - because we couldn't trespass the private property during the day. It was kind of a secret place where you could bike to at night, then sit on top of the hill in front of the abandoned castle and watch Austin submerge itself into a deep, dark night. The Austin kids called it "The Foundation," which I sort of get where they got the name from, or some called it The Crow's Nest. Either way, it was such a big deal to have gone there back then because it felt so sacred and secretive.

Few years later, The Foundation became filled with all kinds of graffiti, and it's now a well-known photo op for many out-of-towners. I think that's sort of amazing. And the best part about visiting this place is that no wall is going to stay the same after - heck, even a day - because they keep changing! I have no idea who does all this but let's admit it - I love that this place became artists' playground.

I also had a chance to revisit my beloved Houndstooth of course, with some of the most wonderful girls in Austin. Finally had the chance to reunite with Alice, who just got back from Europe not too long ago! I hadn't seen her since our weekend in Denver. Ugh, I'm just super bummed that it's out of focus.

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