Apr 7, 2013

Downtown Austin: SXSW

It took me forever to develop this roll of film simply because it's always difficult to find labs that process B&W film for a decent price. I would say I'm a pretty big fan of black and white film, since that's how I started out in college, but I rarely shoot them now due to the high cost. This time around though, I happened to find a pack of Lomography B&W 400 film on sale at Urban Outfitters, so I said why not. So I apologize for going back in time, can't believe it's already been a month since SXSW.


  1. Hi,
    don't know how I chanced across your blog, (but it's nice anyway!) why don't you use XP2? you can just put it into normal colour film processing, has great latitude too, I recently got back into film photography, found a 12 year old roll of XP2 in my drawer, and even though I struggled to remember how to expose correctly while using a (new) old Zorki 4 (and a handheld meter), i picked up, I still got useable images!

  2. Hi! Glad you stumbled upon here. The Zorki 4 is beautiful, although I've never personally used them before. I actually never thought about using XP2. Maybe I'll give it a try when I finally run out of lomo. Thank you!!