Aug 28, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Flat Track Coffee, Austin TX -- iPhone 4s

I woke up to a completely gray weather this morning. It was so gloomy that it felt like we were in a giant white box . After realizing I had woken up half an hour too late to go on a morning run, I tossed around until I had to force myself out of bed. Another Wednesday, the groggy middle child of the week. I have nothing against Wednesdays, actually. But what I did really appreciate about this morning was the gloomy, cloudy, drizzly weather. Yes, even with the 80% humidity. I’m not gonna lie, I felt myself breathing more and more heavily as I made my usual morning walk to work, but for some reason -- I adore this kind of weather. Maybe it’s the Vancouver-bred childhood that immunized my moods from this otherwise depressing gloom. For me, it brings me a healthy dose of nostalgia as I smell the earth and leaves and wet grass. 

and here is some weather-appropriate music for the day:

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