Oct 9, 2013

Megan & Zach: Maryland Farmhouse Wedding

I feel so lucky to have assisted wedding photographer Vicki Grafton for a wedding last weekend. It was so nice to get out of the city (well, more like an urban suburbia, I guess) and drive out to the hills where it reminded me of home (oh how I miss the drive from-to Austin & Dallas, TX). I mostly just stayed in the background during the shoot learning, practicing, and assisting Vicki, marveling at the beauty of her Contax. Here are just some digital shots I pulled out from Saturday. Much more practice needed, indeed!

Congrats to such a beautiful couple!


  1. hooray! these are beautiful, ariel.
    so glad that you're getting this experience and soaking every bit of it up.

    1. aw thank you ma'am :) yes, and this is all thanks to you!