Dec 27, 2013

Katy + Daniel: seattle reception

Congratulations to Taeyoung (Katy) and Daniel Park! Taeyoung and Daniel had their actual wedding in Seoul, but also had a small reception for friends who couldn't make it over to Korea in October. I've known Taeyoung since freshman year of college - she was actually one of the first people I met when I started my journey at UT. I'd say she hasn't changed much since then - her slow eating habits, her gentleness in handling things, and her attention to detail in everything she does. She basically handmade all the props and signs for the wedding, which was freaking impressive. Congrats again, guys! I'm most certain that you guys will make beautiful bebes.

Dec 13, 2013


My, my. This post is way overdue. I don't even exactly remember when this day trip happened - I think it was sometime in late October. Some friends from work and I had been dying to go visit, so we set a day to go explore the tiny harbor town! The weather was absolutely perfect - it was sunny with some cool breeze, and lots of fall colors.

Excuse some of the grainy + underexposed photos. This was my first time trying out the Minolta X-700 with a cheap roll of film I bought. Most of it all turned out fine except Walgreens sort of messed up processing the film a bit so you'll see dark streaks on the photos everywhere.

And here are some iPhone shots:

Also. We finally satisfied all of our crab cake + seafood crave! These are the beautiful people I have the privilege to work with every single day.

So yes, that 45 minute drive is totally worth it. We also caught a glimpse of all the craze for the Navy vs Pittsburgh game that was causing some MAD traffic congestion.