Aug 28, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Flat Track Coffee, Austin TX -- iPhone 4s

I woke up to a completely gray weather this morning. It was so gloomy that it felt like we were in a giant white box . After realizing I had woken up half an hour too late to go on a morning run, I tossed around until I had to force myself out of bed. Another Wednesday, the groggy middle child of the week. I have nothing against Wednesdays, actually. But what I did really appreciate about this morning was the gloomy, cloudy, drizzly weather. Yes, even with the 80% humidity. I’m not gonna lie, I felt myself breathing more and more heavily as I made my usual morning walk to work, but for some reason -- I adore this kind of weather. Maybe it’s the Vancouver-bred childhood that immunized my moods from this otherwise depressing gloom. For me, it brings me a healthy dose of nostalgia as I smell the earth and leaves and wet grass. 

and here is some weather-appropriate music for the day:

Aug 21, 2013

Little Sam, Informal Portrait Session

This is my cousin's baby, Sam. Sam was afraid of me from the get-go. But why?! (he probably smelled my baby fears from afar)

Anyway. Meeting Susan and her little cute family was definitely refreshing, even though we're distant cousins. They have a cute little townhouse in Palisades too - and I can't wait to watch Sam grow up to be a big boy!

Aug 19, 2013

Why I fell in love with Columbia Heights

I had a chance to go to this neighborhood this past weekend to help out a coworker who's writing a story about this app that basically crowdsources cool public art tucked away in corners of neighborhoods that your tour guide book probably won't tell you about. We chose Columbia Heights and U Street, where every corner is stamped with some sort of history, African American history to be exact, because they have been mostly populated by blacks since 1930s and 40s. I wish this area wasn't so gentrified as it is now since the metro station was built in 1999, but it's evidently still Washington's most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood (but now, hipsters are taking over with their organic brunches and posh greaser fashion).

Aug 9, 2013

Raw Thoughts

So here's a bit of a personal post. I took this photo with my Nikon FM10 last year around this time. It's not the greatest photo, I haven't edited it in any way, and it's still saved onto my hard drive in the most raw form it could exist.

There are a lot of times I'd go through archives after archives of photos I've taken in the past, whether they'd be digital or on film, and I would find one that would resonate with the current state of my being. A year ago, I discovered that flowers brighten my mood without fail every time. Upon that discovery, I began to spend lavishly on buying myself a stem or two when I really needed it -- I find this phenomenon parallel to the whole hype with puppy therapy or taking a vacation into the woods. Any form of rawness, or the nature, comforts me in mysterious ways.

We live in a hyper digitized world. I can't say I'm not guilty of being glued to my apple products or having the fear of missing out when I'm not surfing on the web. But the digital presence, I've found, is not exactly qualitative nor all that significant. I often stop and find myself craving something raw, something natural, and finding emotions within myself that I haven't found a way to express.