Mar 1, 2014

Missing the Pacific Northwest pt. II: Oddfellows

If you kept up with my blog in any sort of fashion (and I don't blame you if you didn't...I've been terrible at keeping it updated regularly), you'll know that I discovered Oddfellow's cafe in Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood back in 2012 and fell in love with the cozy little place. It's definitely got good coffee, and is a pretty sweet brunch spot, followed by the option to take a lazy stroll in the Bishops arts district looking at vintage furniture & more.

Anyway, when I was looking up good brunch spots in Seattle before our trip, I stumbled across another cafe called Oddfellows Cafe + Bar in Seattle, completely unrelated to the one in Dallas (I think? don't quote me on that). So I said why not check it out - it seemed like a really cool place in a hip area anyway.

The last picture is from a bookstore that was right next to the cafe...which I forgot the name of.

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