Apr 16, 2014

Dolcezza at Mosaic district

An adventure that started out on the sheer mission of checking out the coolest-looking Target in Virginia turned into a total self-indulging and borderline barbaric gelato fest that perfectly wrapped up the warm spring weekend. One cannot simply go wrong with some gelato on a Sunday afternoon, especially if it's flavored dark chocolate and black sesame. Plus I was glad to finally check out Dolcezza - even though I've been more dying to try their Union Market location. This place is a happy concoction of coffee, ice cream, and beautiful interior. Yum.

It certainly seems like they have great coffee, but I was already too caffeinated at that point. Next time, though.

Also: you're not doing gelato right if you're not getting super messy and sticky while inhaling the cup in like, 5 minutes.

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