May 16, 2014

Washington DC from the top

Remember when the Washington monument used to look like this? (Washington monument with scaffolding, taken back in November 2013)

Well, if you haven't been in Washington D.C. in any recent months...tada! It's beautifully naked again. It's been pretty gloomy in DC lately...look at that ominous sky.

Anyway, I had the press privilege to go up the monument last Saturday before the memorial opened to the public on Monday. The National Park Service has installed new exhibitions and made repairs to the elevator that travels up and down the 555-ft obelisk. Although, I did hear that it broke down on Wednesday, sending hundreds of tourists down 896 steps from the observation level. The view up top was breathtaking. Unfortunately, we only had about 20 minutes at the observation level because there was another group of press people waiting downstairs. Here's the full story on the NewsHour rundown page.