Jun 2, 2014

sunday recap: Georgetown, hanging by the waters

Let's be real: I hate going to Georgetown. Yes, it's the nicer part of the city but still, I'm not a fan of being trampled by tourists while squeezing my way through its morbidly narrow sidewalks. Just never worth it. But last Sunday, with the realization that I hadn't been there in months, I made an active decision to mosey on over to the rich kids' part of the town to renew my hate for Georgetown. Okay, fine, I'm kidding, Georgetown is absolutely lovely. It's crowded but pretty nice. Anyway, here's a tiny tip: go down by the waters if you want a bit of breathing room. Take a stroll on the boardwalk, stare at the boat people and sip on cold coffee while you're at it. And there it was -- a lazy, lovely Sunday afternoon in Georgetown.

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