Aug 4, 2014

Spoiling myself a bit

I may not be the type of girl that spoils herself with brand name shoes. But that doesn't mean I don't splurge on the "extra" on the rare occasions when I do have some money and time. For example, coffee. Food outings, including ostentatious brunch trips, hah. Expensive film lab services. Yeah -- I finally got these film scans back from Film Box Lab in Nashville -- expensive but worth it. All photos taken back in early May.

Of course, Madcap coffee tasting event was completely free. After the jitters from all the free coffee, Lauren and I headed over to Bub and Pop's sandwich shop next door for some real food (we think it'd be extra charming if they provided pastries or food at coffee tasting events...heh heh). I have a thing for Italian hoagies. GAH.

Brunch at Ted's Bulletin on 14th when Sammy surprise-visited me that weekend: Also: let's please not forget that they make pop-tarts from scratch. Random thought: I feel like I end up getting lunch food 90% of the time I go get "brunch." Anyone with me?

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