Jan 25, 2014

Crosby Coffee in Brooklyn

Crossing off my to-do list, one coffee shop at a time. One warm weekend in November, I went up to NYC and dragged Hyeri to an obscure area in Brooklyn that even she had never been to (in my book, Hyeri knows all the cool/cute places around New York). Not gonna lie, it got pretty scary when we almost got lost but thanks to Google Map, we were able to find this small/quaint little place in the most unexpected corner of this street. I loved the quiet and chill atmosphere, and coffee was excellent. And of course, all white interior, including all the furnitures and walls, with the huge window that softened the light everywhere, made everything so photogenic.

Jan 20, 2014

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

When P.Lu came to visit at the end of November, checking out the much acclaimed Pearl Dive Oyster Palace was among many adventures of the breezy Sunday afternoon. We sat at the bar, slurped some oysters, tried out some cocktails, and just kept snapping pics. No shame.

I think this may have been my second (ever) roll with the Minolta. Currently loving it so far.