Jan 28, 2015

Catching the tail end of summer

Last summer was glorious in so many ways that were definitely not covered on this blog (sigh, I really need to be more diligent about this one) and as I look back, I realize that the days I actually decide to whip out my camera for whatever reason obviously become more vivid in memory. Over the years, documenting something with film has become a rather luxurious and stressful hobby, financially and logistically. Rolls often get lost while I'm moving literally for the 5th time in the year, scanned shots sit in my hard drive for eternity until I dig them out and manage to post a few. It's a whole process of its own. But you know, I can't seem to ditch film. Like a lot of people around me know, film is how I first learned photography and I honestly have not fallen out of love with what it can do to a photograph. ANYWAY enough rant about film (or more like what was supposed to be my excuse for posting summery pictures in JANUARY). Here is a beautiful late summer day hiking with Sarah + Allie in Virginia sometime in September. All taken with the trusty Nikon FM10.