Apr 29, 2015

shirlington bleachers

When I can't focus at work and need to let off some creative steam, make something, and just be out there doing something, I (apparently) force my friends (who all happen to be such babes) to model for me. Hehe. Also needed a reason to try out the 35mm lens. Never worked with this focal length before, especially with a full frame camera, and I gotta say I'm sort of obsessed with it already. It's in that snug zone between the 28mm and 50mm, absolutely perfect for portraits and getting wide shots with lots of details. We'll see how I feel about it after next week's assignment.

Anyway, here is Leah, always chic & stylish, even when I caught her casually strolling to CVS the other night in ripped boyfriend jeans I would never be able to pull off, like ever.

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