Jul 11, 2015

crumbs & whiskers! DC's first cat cafe

If you live in DC metro area, you've probably heard of Crumbs & Whiskers - this city's first cat cafe. The place opened not too long ago to much anticipation after its successful Kickstarter campaign (more than $35k! cool), resulting in a long wait list and people being turned away on weeknights. The owner/founder, Kanchan, is my age (I think) and listening to how she came to start gave me a little nudge in my heart, because honestly, opening a cat cafe (or even just a cafe) is not easy. This whole thing, to me, is pretty inspirational.

I wouldn't say I'm a cat person but I still do like cats. Just unfortunate that I'm allergic. Not terribly, but if I touch a cat or be near a cat for more than 10 minutes I'll start going crazy. So how did I survive shooting/doing interviews for ~2 hours at a place swarming with like 30 cats? I'd say the place is pretty well ventilated - and clean. And my sheer willpower to not die.

If you live in DC area and are not repulsed by the sight of cute cats, you should definitely check it out! It's nested in an adorable building in Georgetown and the people (and cats) are incredibly nice. When you first enter the place feels a little tiny but there's a second floor where the VIP cats choose their favorite human to go home with. Jk. But all cats are from the DC Humane Society and are adoptable. When we went, they had been open for 6 days and had 6 cats adopted - so that's a pretty good rate!

^ cat giving me his/her fierce look

And here is Kanchan! (below) I mean, how adorable is she?

Video for PBS NewsHour coming soon!

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