Sep 26, 2015

Conquering Old Rag

I miss Virginia.
Back in August, the weekend before I left for New York, some friends and I took an annual camping trip to Shenandoah. The Old Rag hike was daunting but also incredible, so much so that it was definitely a punch in my guts before I permanently left DC (gasp. so weird to actually type that out). Somewhere in the middle of the challenging hike (and seriously disturbing the nature with all kinds of profanity) I had a brief moment of panic/regret about leaving a city with so many good people and an easy access to vast nature. It was like, shit. What do New Yorkers do anyway? Go to Central Park for a dose of nature? If I'm so obsessed with the nature, why am I even moving? Nonetheless, the 8 mile hike through rock scrambles and a rewarding BBQ dinner were a nice way to finish out the short chapter I had in DC (Maybe I'll return someday... who knows?). Ahh, these gorgeous valleys...I'll have to return sometime in the fall when the leaves go wild.

Bye bye. See you later, VA.