Dec 2, 2015

02// blossom swing

Today's title is brought to you by Blossom Dearie's cover of The Surrey With The Fringe On Top. Her piano + vocal are absolutely perfect for such drizzly and misty early December days. Like, I feel like I need to go get whiskey and cigarette (two things I hate, because obviously I'm not cool enough) and head on over to a jazz bar or something whenever I listen to her.

Above: Law & Order is filming two blocks away from my office this week! I cannot confirm whether or not that man is related to the show in any way. It didn't seem like he wanted to be bothered much.

I went down to the meatpacking district after work today, hoping to score a pair of glasses I apparently now need (sigh). It's beautiful around the new Whitney, with glittery restaurants, fancy boutiques and cobblestone streets. Sometimes, New York's true beauty is only revealed at night.

Moving onto darker matters, gunmen opened fire at a holiday party in a social services office that helps people with developmental disabilities in California today. Soon after, we went through what has now become a morbid routine, again - Twitter blew up, news orgs reintroduced their charts and interactives on gun violence data in the U.S., the President said a few words, and we followed live streams and live tweets of the long hunt for the suspects. A new hashtag goes around, and we collectively voice how disgusted and sickened we are by all of this. I don't want this to be a pattern or a routine. I don't want to become numb to these kinds of events. While thinking about what we could do - I realized how helpless we are, but what we can do is love and hope and make positive changes - I know how cheesy I sound, plus it's easier said than done, but in the end, I firmly believe that love will prevail over hatred and evil. I really do.

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