Dec 6, 2015

03// absolutely no chill

I find New York most charming when I don't have any agenda. Yes, planning your day ahead is ideal, but sometimes you just don't, and you end up running into a lot of bulldogs and eat amazing food and somehow end up in the sea of tourists at the Rockefeller Center. This weekend, after walking around the Fifth Avenue and attempting to get near the Rockefeller tree, I learned that New York has absolutely no chill when it comes to the holidays. It's quite amazing.

Post-brunch ferry ride from Queens to the city (my first time! woohoo).

Then we headed down to Union Square for the farmers market + Strand (scored a signed copy of BJ Novak's book). Talk about being shoved around all night by an incredible number of PEOPLE. Holy moly. Again, Christmas time in New York has absolutely no chill.

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