Dec 8, 2015

04// the paper kites - too late

I am definitely getting sick. I felt it coming when I tried to clear my throat after shoving a chocolate almond croissant down my throat during lunch. When it became pretty clear that it wasn't just the buttery pastry flakes that were clogging up my throat, I immediately took to the emergency supply of Airborne and throat drop I keep in my desk, but now that I'm sitting in bed at midnight, still with a sore throat, I do realize it is too late. TOO LATE. What more could I have done to prevent it? I wash my hands like a maniac almost every hour, I even wipe my phone down, and I try my best to never touch my face during the day. Ever. Plus I've been exercising almost everyday and trying to keep a good diet too. Thanks immune system. You had one job. ONE JOB!

Thanks to a lovely coworker, we took a quick lunch detour to the Columbus Circle holiday market to soak in the sun and a generous 50 degree weather before it gets completely dark again at like, 4pm. Did I mention New York has no chill when it comes to the holidays? There are holiday markets EVERYWHERE and it's pretty amazing.

Also, yes, I went to Times Square today. Why?! You might ask. WHY PUT YOURSELF THROUGH TIMES SQUARE OF ALL PLACES? AREN'T YOU LIVING THERE NOW? SHOULDN'T YOU KNOW BETTER? Yes, those are all valid questions that I've definitely asked myself as I dodged accidentally starring in the background of a group selfie while stuck in the crowd. I don't know. I've been feeling like I've been in a rut. Needed to do something and I work really close to Times Square. I like people watching, especially tourists, because they're usually really happy.

2015: I feel like I came to New York to grow up, be challenged and to pursue 'my dreams' yet it's so easy to get jaded and wrapped up in the usual challenges of transitions. This year was full of weird little beginnings and endings for me, and very few things felt stable or constant this year. In the midst of all that overwhelming whirlwind, I realize friendship is such a strange, perfect little thing that you can lean on. Whether they're old or new, the comfort, familiarity, moral support and honesty that they provide are truly an oasis. When you meet such kind people, even one or two, who want to invest their own time to understand and love you, you should know you are incredibly lucky.

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