Jul 22, 2016

Jules, my forever model

Yesterday was this girl's birthday. I was unfortunately running around like a headless chicken all day so couldn't post this on time...but you'll forgive me right? :) I've been holding onto these photos for a few months now, taken in New York when she came to visit during my birthday week.

We first met our freshman year of college. We hit it off right away and hung out for an entire day, talking about literally everything from our favorite food to boy dramas. If you've met Julie, you know how easy it is to talk to her, no matter who you are. She has this ability to make literally anyone feel comfortable.

She is also a health nut. She got me to try my first kale juice, which she personally made for me, way before it was even a thing. Shall we say a trendsetter?

We rode the water taxi from Queens to Brooklyn then to the financial district for the spectacular views. A little side note: I've officially decided that I hate boats that are not giant ferries. I get super sick.

Julie is also good at dealing with my dumb shit, like failing to notice that she had braces on for a year and posting a birthday post a day late. :)

But most of all I admire her because she is incredibly diligent, smart, strong and caring. Did you know she's teaching herself to code? That she's nonchalantly run a blog that racked up more than 140K followers? HER DOG IS INSTAGRAM FAMOUS. Whenever she puts her mind to something, she actually does it, quite flawlessly. Jules also helped me break up with dudes that weren't right for me. She deeply understands why I am the way I am about career and boys and stuff. We've bonded over our mutual passion for coffee and photography and football and honestly just spending time together. I'm incredibly lucky to call her one of my best friends.

So bon voyage, m'love. There is so much to look forward to, and this is only the beginning.

But before you do that, let's quickly walk down the memory lane: