Jan 15, 2013

Brunch at Oddfellow's (again and again)

A monthly trip down to Oak Cliff is a must, since I feel that there are still many places to be explored over there. So when a group of us planned on eating brunch at Oddfellow's for this past Saturday, I had to bring my Nikon fm10 out *wipes off the dust*. It was unusually foggy on Saturday, not to mention the disgusting humidity that reminded me of Galveston. I was nonetheless happy about the pretty lighting. Little did I know my gawking of the soft lighting of a cloudy day would soon turn into an unhappy roar about having to eat in wet clothes and wet hair after running in the pouring rain.

We were completely soaked by the time we actually got a table at Oddfellow's, but the food and the coffee, especially, were all so worth the drive, the wait and the rain.


And this last photo is from my iPhone. Brisket hash = genius.

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