Oct 25, 2012

The Glorious F4

The Nikon F4 is absolutely one of the best film cameras I get to use today, ever since my dad bought it back in the late 80s (it came out in '88, so somewhere around there). It's the most advanced camera from Nikon's F series, the company's first experiment with SLRs with autofocus and a built-in motor drive. It also has a modern light metering inside along with great flexibility for lens compatibility. I don't ever need to worry about loading the film correctly because everything is automatic. So all in all, the F4 is extremely easy to use, easy to manipulate, and produces amazing photos. 
The only few downsides I've experienced are that it's ridiculously heavy and the shutter sound echoes across the entire place. It is terrible for traveling, and honestly challenging to take it around in my purse. I consider the F4 more as the strong, reliable old man who likes to stay in his studio safe and sound.   

All taken with 400 Tri-X. 
Doesn't the bokeh amaze you? It does it for me at least. I love this camera. 

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